Since the restructuring of the company, production production increased year by year, in a short period of four years, the annual output from the reform before the hundreds of thousands of kilowatts jumped to more than 2.6 million kilowatts this year; supporting exports and self-export Medium-sized motor volume doubled, especially in 2008 the company's exports to Russia, Yemen, India and China's hydropower companies supporting the export of Sudan's large and medium-sized motor projects, each single refresh the company's most export motor.

In the production growth at the same time, product model specifications are increasing. In large and medium-sized motor YSP frequency control motor, YR (KK) NT internal feedback motor, YLT vertical thrust and other models of motor technology is mature, stable performance. In particular, this year for the export of Russian production YRKK1000 motor, the indicators have reached the design requirements, through foreign strict inspection and acceptance, was well received.

 Strong scientific research and development strength, must be in the advanced technology, sophisticated tooling equipment and scientific modern production management tools to match, in order to quickly and effectively technology into productive forces, the technological advantages into product advantages. In recent years, the factory to meet the growing production needs, at the huge sums of money for technological transformation. The company has a variety of equipment over 1,000 units, and a certain size of the fine, heavy, thin equipment, such as CNC double-sided boring, CNC high-speed red, CNC-up machine, CNC cylindrical grinding, 8 tons balancing machine, 5M And so on, the total value of equipment exceeding 100 million yuan, the company equipment new coefficient of over 50%.

Outreach Center:
 Outreach Center is to adapt to the company's professional development strategy and rapid increase in production capacity to meet customer needs and the establishment of professional functions. The Outreach Center was established in March 2004 and is affiliated with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Company's non-core technical components and products, which are part of the Company's manufacturing department, function management and operating company, and are responsible for the motor repair business of the management company and Motor parts and components supply services.

Outside the Association of the existing staff of the establishment of 7 people, of which the Association of the Director of a 1, the Association of a planner, the Association of dispatch 2, 1 in charge of quality, accounting 1,

According to the company's ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standards, the company will strictly review, appraise and confirm the quality of the suppliers and the comprehensive supporting ability of the Association. External equipment suppliers of equipment, technical conditions and manufacturing process to strictly control and follow the supervision and control. To ensure that the Association of the production of professional accessories and quality of delivery compliance. Auxiliary manufacturers shall pass ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, and with or according to company requirements in line with the quality of technical requirements of the equipment, tooling and testing equipment. The company has signed a long-term strategic cooperation contract with the supplier, the formation of resource sharing and mutually beneficial long-term stable strategic cooperative partnership. The company every year to the supplier site for 1-2 times to review the review; the end of each year to the supplier's supplier quality for a statistical analysis and performance evaluation, put forward continuous improvement of the demand and the corresponding improvement measures, every three years to the Association of suppliers A comprehensive review and a qualified supplier confirmation to ensure the adequacy and compliance of the long-term support of the external agreement.

At present the implementation of professional outsourcing Association of external components are: box-type motor base; air-air cooler, air-water cooler; small set, the rotor core; junction box; wind cover and some machine parts Wait.

Outreach Center sincerely welcome suppliers to negotiate cooperation business customers. Telephone inquiries: 0731-89758787