In order to adapt to a market economy and the international and domestic trade development needs, consistent with international practice cases, reinforcing the company's total quality management and the results of the work to maintain the quality of the original system (used GB/T19001-1994) on the basis of the pro-active The use of GB/T19001-2000 "quality management system requirements of the" standard, the use of the Company as a quality management system to meet the GB/T1991-2000 "quality management system requirements" standards, in line with company practice, and continuous improvement And improvement of the quality management system. Especially in the last two years, the Company 6S implementation of the management of the quality of the staff make great improvement. In this way, there are first-class management and first-class employees, the company can contract the environment and non-contractual conditions to provide customers with satisfied customers the products and services. In the contract environment quality management system to meet customer needs and requirements of the quality of third-party quality management system certification. Electric Company, submersible pump, electrical materials used National Institute of Standards and ministerial standards, the company trademark, "Chang-li" brand covers all of the electrical, submersible pumps, electrical products, materials.

Quality control center 
 Company quality control center under the electrical test, assembly, measurement, the machine seized, the censor 5 team, for a total of more than 100 employees, set up by the central Hunan Electric Products Quality Supervision, Inspection Station linked enterprises, a Hunan and Technical Supervision The dual leadership of the company, the State Quality Inspection Center of the mandate stations, central-south region responsible for the manufacturers of electrical products, the quality of monitoring and sampling work. 
In order to ensure product quality and quality control center in charge of raw materials from the plant into the test, parts processing product quality inspection test and the whole assembly factory test the entire process of quality control. Has passed the ISO9001: 1994 and ISO2000 quality system certification standards. Electrical products IEC international standards.