The company has consistently adhered to scientific and technological innovation, combined with market demand for continuous research and development of new products, expand the service areas, in the service of domestic energy development on the road ahead of synchronization, to maintain industry-leading.

The company's comparative advantage in the industry:

1, with strong product development strength

The company has a domestic, including the highest technical authority, including the strength of the research team, the design team composed of coordination with the staff, with rich product design experience. Formed a strong technical development team and a relatively sound technological innovation system.

2, with the international advanced motor design and production management software

The company has a set of international advanced level of motor design and production management software. In the industry, the first successful application of two-dimensional CAD, 3D CAD, PDM, Pro / E, ERP and OA systems, the most advanced contemporary electromagnetic design, three-dimensional design and structural analysis software to effectively ensure the efficient product design, Fast, accurate, optimized and advanced. CAE, CAD, CAM, PDM, CAPP and ERP, and so on, effectively realize the internal resource sharing.

Engineering and technical personnel in addition to a solid foundation of the theory, in particular, has a wealth of practical experience, practical ability and process design capabilities.

3, with the most advanced manufacturing equipment and testing capabilities

The company has the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry, including imported processing centers, light and heavy CNC cars, milling machines, large-scale CNC floor boring and milling machines, large-scale motor-specific keyway milling machine, CNC punch press, automatic belt machine, VPI vacuum Pressure impregnation complete sets of equipment, CNC WEDM, coordinate boring machine, casting resin sand production line, and other high-precision, specialized equipment. Can complete all kinds of motor parts precision machining, high and low voltage motor winding insulation processing, machine synthesis. The use of these advanced equipment, as well as new technology and new technology and the application of new materials, large, medium and small motor manufacturing process into a package.

The company has large, medium and small test stations, of which 7500kW large motor test station technical level and test capacity of the domestic industry with the first, intermediate electrical test and special test facilities configuration complete, complete, to complete the type of test and various types of motor Routine test and intermediate control test and test. Test data sampling, processing, test curve drawn by the computer to complete, not only high efficiency, but also to ensure the accuracy of the test data.

Companies in the insulation treatment, iron core manufacturing and electrical test technology, with the domestic industry with the leading level.

The configuration of the equipment is in harmony with the process requirements of the company's production technology, and the important processes are completed within the enterprise.

4, innovation, development of new products, broaden the field of services, to maintain industry-leading

        The company has successfully developed the following have completely independent intellectual property rights of motor pump products:

        1, YCY and YCY2 series of special pumping unit motor;

        2, YRNT, YRKKNT400 ~ 800 3kV, 6kV, 10kV internal feedback variable speed three-phase asynchronous motor;

        3, YSP160 ~ 710,380V ~ 10.5kV frequency conversion three-phase asynchronous motor;

        4, YD, YDKS, YDKK180 ~ 800,380V ~ 10kV variable pole multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor;

        5, YTM, YHP, YMPS coal mill with three-phase asynchronous motor;

        6, YF, YFKK series of fans for large inertia inertia motor;

        7, Y, YKK, YR, YRKK355 ~ 1120, large-scale three-phase asynchronous motor;

        8, YJS355 ~ 560 series of medium - sized high - pressure full heat sink compact three - phase asynchronous motor;

        9, LST, YLKST, YLKKT, large-scale three-phase asynchronous motor with high thrust circulating pump;

        10, YRW, JRW series of brushless endless motor;

        11, YKK, YRKK-WF series of medium-sized outdoor anti-corrosion motor;

        12, T, TK, TM, TL series of large synchronous motor;

        13, ZQB, HQB axis (mixed) flow and QW submersible series submersible pump.

         In the above new product line, YKK, YRKK-WF series of medium-sized anti-corrosion motor, and other three series of products won the "national new product" title, especially YSP frequency control motor won the "national key new product" certificate, these Some of the results in the international leading level, and some in the domestic motor industry leading position, belonging to the motor high, fine, sharp technology.