At present, the production company's main products include: 
1, YCY and YCY2 series dedicated motor unit; 
2, YRNT, YRKKNT400 ~ 800 3kV, 6kV, 10kV feedback within three-phase asynchronous motor speed control; 
3, YSP160 ~ 710,380 V ~ 10.5kV Frequency three-phase asynchronous motor; 
4, YD, YDKS, YDKK180 ~ 800,380 V ~ 10kV pole-changing multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor; 
5, YTM, YHP, YMPS coal with three-phase asynchronous motor; 
6, YF, YFKK series dedicated big fan motor moment of inertia; 
7, Y, YKK, YR, YRKK355 ~ 1120, a large three-phase asynchronous motor; 
8, YJS355 ~ 560 series medium-sized high-pressure full-fin compact three-phase asynchronous motor; 
9, LST, YLKST, YLKKT, the major thrust to bear large circulating pump with three-phase asynchronous motor; 
10, YRW, JRW Series ring with brushless motor; 
11, YKK, YRKK-WF series of medium-sized outdoor electrical corrosion; 
12, T, TK, TM, TL series of large-scale synchronous motor; 
13, ZQB, HQB axis (mixed) flow and QW diving submersible sewage pump series; 
14, Y2, Y3-315 series of 80 small-scale induction motor. 
A total of 32 series, more than 400 varieties, more than 3800 specifications. The largest single electric power for 10000kW, voltage 380-10000V, a frequency of 50-60HZ, insulation grade B, F, H class. Products are widely used in power plants, water, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, water, mines and other industries. At the same time, to meet customers, the company also needs to develop according to the user, and produce various kinds of special requirements of the motor. Electrical products using strict national standards, in line with international standards IEC. At the same time, In order to meet the needs of export, production and use of NEMA standard DIN standard motor. The company has the right to import and export, the export volume of products in Southeast Asia, South America and non-state, favored by the international market. 
 Companies in the industry to maintain the stability of the largest species, the largest stand-alone capacity, the market share leader; from the level of technology and equipment, product development capability and technological level of production, sales, profits and taxes, a comprehensive index of economic indicators, such as key border ten For many years to maintain the stability of the industry's first. 
Strong economic strength, the design of advanced technology, sophisticated technology and equipment, complete testing means and tight management system is the industry's leading companies, based on the market, the fundamental guarantee for service users. 
The company dedicated the majority of users with various types of motors, electric products and good sales and after-sales service, willing to work with domestic and foreign companies, the design institute to establish friendly relations and extensive economic cooperation and technological exchanges.