To enhance the quality of management, so that product quality has leapt to a new level, the company "to pursue zero defect, better access to Taiwan-Taiwan products; services are of one mind, a brand-name products." For the quality of work, has drawn up a "quality assurance manual" And strict implementation of a prevention-oriented all-round, the whole process of quality control, in the spirit of "user services, users, allows users satisfied" with the aim of our users would like to solemnly promise: 
First, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control and quality assurance standards to establish and maintain, and implement systems to ensure that products in a timely manner to provide users with high-quality products. 
Second, the use of the product, such as manufacturing quality problems found in the user received a notice to respond immediately, within 48 hours of service personnel dispatched to the scene. For Fanchang repairs to ensure that both sides agreed delivery time.
Third, the company's motor manufacturing, motor warranty for one year, one year shelf-life in accordance with relevant state regulations on the quality of the implementation of the electrical maintenance and the provision of paid services or accessories.
Fourth, I will give priority to ensuring the long-term supply of equipment, spare parts, and to supply the ex-factory price at the time. 
Fifth, the establishment of users and the quality of work product, the company set up file services, and regular visits to the user, I understand and master the use of our products, the implementation of follow-up services.
Sixth, after-sales service agencies: Changsha Electric Factory Co., Ltd. after-sales service Service 
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