About Us/ Construction of New Factory
Responding to the governmental policy of transferring the industrial enterprises out of the Erhuan Line, the company decided to move to Tianxin Huanbao Industrial Garden. There, the project area is 263736m2 and the commercial project area is 47286 m2. The investment for industrial projects is 0.54 billion RMB and 0.384 billion RMB is for the first-phase projects. The construction period is 3 years. After the completion of the first-phase projects, it is estimated to produce IC motor 5.90 million KW and submersible pump 0.20 million KW. The annual income should reach 1 billion RMB and the profit tax should be 85 million RMB. At the same time, the company will bring in more new products and new technology, trying to become a bibcock enterprise specializing in making three-phase induction motor in 3 to 5 years. This is the key industrial project in Changsha.  
The new company is located in Huanbao industrial garden, Tianxin district of Changsha city. It is next to Xindian road in the north, Xinlan road in the west, Xinling road in the south and Xinmei road in the east. The first-phase project includes 1F motor workshop (45047㎡), 1F iron core workshop (8621㎡), 1F electrician workshop (8320㎡); 5F office building (5484㎡), 5F dormitory (5760㎡); 2F cafeteria (1745㎡), oil chemical warehouse (216㎡) and foil water treatment station (108㎡). The max height of the factory is 21.5m and the height of office building is 20.85m. The construction area is 74978㎡. For the second phase, our company is talking with some enterprises which are intended to cooperate with us, including some world famous enterprises.

In order to quicken the construction of the new factory, the company established a Factory Construction Headquarter in May 2007: Director: Tang Zhaohui; Vice Director: Zhang Minyi, Luo Chengguang and Gong Yuanjie.
On November 29, 2007, the company decided to adjust the Factory Construction Headquarter:
Director: Tang Zhaohui
Constant Vice Director: Luo Chengguang and Zhang Minyi.
Vice Director: Gong Yuanjie, Hong Yifeng, Xiong Weiming, Yu Chengqiang and Kuang Weidong.
Office Director: Kuang Weidong. 
Members: Zhang Jihong, Cai Xueliang and Yu Qing.
Engineering Secretary: Yu Chengqiang.
Members: Tang Jianchu, Hu Qiao, Chen Zhengwei and Wen Xiaofang.
Discipline Supervision Department (non-constant): charged by the discipline committee and supervision committee.