Foreign Affairs Activities
Since 1996, the factory strengthened foreign affairs activities to know the development trend of motor industry in different countries, which is vitally important for us to surpass the world level. After investigation and visits, we made our company known to many foreign companies and established cooperation relations with them for mutual benefit.
Exporting and Visits of Foreign Customers
On March 2, 2001, 11 motor exported to Iraq from Shanghai Port. 
In 2006, we exported YLKS710 stand medium-sized motors to Sudan.
In March 2007, we signed contract with an American company, the trading value reached several millions of RMB. The contract said, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd provide the parts of motors and the other part will assembly them in America. It opened the history of cooperation between China and America in manufacture of motors.
On March 21, 2007, under the accompany of Mr. Yang of the North International Company, 8 engineers from VFanus in Iraq visited our factory for three days and they gave high praise to our motors.
On April 17, 2007, 5 sets vertical motors were sent to Shenzhen and then shipped to Iraq.
On April 17 to 18, 2007, our company dispatched the senior engineer Liu Xuebo to join the correspond meeting of Tan~gasi and GVYeiY of Sudan in Nanning, Guangxi. Also, China National Water & Electric Power External Company and Nanning Water & Electric Power Design Institute and Xi'an 210 Institute participated the meeting. Sudan agriculture irrigation project include 15 YLKS710 motors, 3 YLKS900 motors and 6 YLKS560 motors. The total value was 18 million RMB. It was the biggest contract in value in history.