The ancient Greek scientist Archimedes once said, "give me a pivot and I can move the globe." Today, Changli Group has found its new pivot in development of motors in China. 62 years passed, Changli's motors are working in every corner of China today and Changli brand is deeply impressed on people's heart. 
In the new century, reformation and development became the main theme with China's entrance to WTO and the splendid goal for all-around construction of affluent society being put forward in 16th congress of CPC. The implementation of the strategies that promoting coordinated development of western region, revitalizing old industrial bases in the northeast region and accomplishing the rise of the central area and the undergoing economic construction and development give great chances for development of the motor industry again. Keeping pace with the national development and the times, the motor industry will have a broad foreground.

Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd. is confronted with new challenges and opportunities. Changli Group implements the strategy of continuous, quick and healthy development on the basis of technology and brand. Specializing in making motors and electro-pumps, Changli Group will continue to be an integration of scientific research, manufacturing, sales, service and trading. With the aim of “pursuing a leading place in the industry, developing Changli Brand”, the company implements scientific and managerial innovations in order to build a new modern enterprise with excellent performance which is prominent in main business, advanced in management and sound in operation.

The recent plan of Changli: it focuses on fundamental business (current small and medium-sized motors), key business(synchronous motor, explosion proof motor)and main business (nuclear class motor) and it also expands itself to real estate business so as to make the annual production of motors reach 2 to 5 billion in five to ten years and finally promote Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd. to be listed.

Ten Strategic Development Goals: 
To enhance the core competitive edge of the company, realizing ten professional development goals and creating the most specialized production base of three-phase induction motor. 
Specialized Brand: to Concentrate on making Changli Motor and becoming leading in China and in-phase with the world level.
Specialized Talents: To realize specialization by specialized talents; to cultivate specialized talents with demand of specialization.

Specialized Technology: Energy Saving, Environment Protection, Innovation and High Efficiency.
Specialized Management: People Orientation, Brand Centered, Quality Foremost, Scientific Management.
Specialized Sales: To establish the sales mode of technology and service.
Specialized Craftwork: To establish new craftwork; to use new materials, to increase quality.
Specialized Equipment: to have advanced equipment and molds to build a powerful production system.
Specialized Test: To realize regularization of process test, automation of product test, to do special test for motor. 
Specialized Service: Customer Centered, Punctual Service, Excellent Service System.
Specialized Company Culture: Company cares for staffs; staffs should be faithful to company; to work hard together for mutual long-term development.